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 TITLE :   ECEM'07 call for paper. European Conference on Ecological Modelling. November 27-30, 2007. Trieste (Italy)  
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The 6th European Conference on Ecological Modelling, ECEM'07
"Challenges for ecological modelling in a changing world: Global Changes, Sustainability and Ecosystem Based Management"

November  27-30, 2007, Trieste, Italy

Abstracts are invited for ECEM'07, the 6th European Conference on Ecological Modelling, to be held in Trieste, ITALY.

Abstract Deadline 31 may 2007

Abstracts (no longer than two pages) should be submitted by online submission (available soon), or by e-mail to ecem07@ogs.trieste.it.
ECEM is organized biannually on behalf of International Society of Ecological Modelling.
The first conference in the series was held in Pula, Croatia, in 1997.
The sixth conference is organised by OGS and ICTP, and is hosted by ICTP.

While particular attention is devoted to themes related to Global Changes, Sustainability and Ecosystem Management, ECEM'07 covers all topics in the area of ecological modelling, and participants are invited from all areas of research, development and application in ecological modelling.

An indicative, but non-exhaustive list of topics includes:

Ecosystem responses to anthropogenic forcing and global changes, Biodiversity, Stability, Complexity, Global Changes, Sustainability and Ecosystem Based Management; Ecological Economics, Ecosystem Approach to Natural Resources, Landscape Ecology, Ecological Modelling Techniques, Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis, Assessment of models predictive capabilities,  Data Assimilation and Data-Model integration; Thermodynamic and System Theory; Indexes and Orientors;  Environmental perturbation,  Modelling Applications to case studies, Synthesis Integration and Modelling studies. See the website for additional topics.

Conference papers will be reviewed by members of the scientific board for inclusion in a special issue of the journal Ecological Modelling

Before the conference, 1.5 days will be devoted to a workshop on integration of biogeochemical processes and fish dynamics in food web models for end-to-end conceptualization of marine ecosystems (26-27 november 2007). Details on the course and application procedure can be found on the website. Application deadline is  31 may 2007

ICTP is a stimulating and international environment (www.ictp.it), Trieste is a beautiful and interesting city (http://www.triestetourism.it), and November is the best time to enjoy the wonderful fall colours of our Carso.

We are confident that the meeting will be fun and attended by leading scientists and managers in the field (check the website), and hope you will be interested in participating.

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